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How may I replace a damaged trash or recycling container?

This information is for citizens who request the repair or replacement of a damaged trash container for Refuse or Recycling collection.  Generally, the “Big Blue” refuse containers will be repaired rather than replaced.  More than likely, damage to recycling containers involves cracking, so these containers may be replaced and not repaired. The City has a full 10 year warranty on containers.

Callers need to inform Solid Waste which container is damaged – whether it is the refuse or recycling container.  If there is damage to a recycling container, the container will be replaced free of charge.  If it is a “Big Blue” refuse container, the caller will need to inform Solid Waste regarding the container serial number, where the container is located, and what sort of damage exists (i.e. - the lid, the steel rods, or the wheels are damaged).  If the damaged container is city-issued, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. 

All container repair and replacement service requests will be sent to the Solid Waste Management Container Distributor for action.  Solid Waste Management will replace a city-issued container that has severe damage free of charge to the citizen, but it will not replace a purchased container.  The current cost of the container is $63 plus tax.

Updated 9/21/2014 7:49 PM
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